The Adventure Begins

The day has finally arrived! Tomorrow I start my grand adventure with Teach for America. It’s been almost a year since I first began to seriously consider applying to TFA and I could not be more excited for what lies ahead. I will spend the rest of this week in Florence, SC for Induction with fellow corps members placed in the state and then will hit the road Sunday for five weeks of training and teaching in Cleveland, Mississippi. It’s going to be a challenging, inspiring, whirlwind of a month and I’m looking forward to sharing the ups and downs on my blog.

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Sixth grade Caitlin had some pretty neat ideas!

As I was finishing up packing tonight, I came across a class journal entry from sixth grade where I first wrote about wanting to be a teacher and even outlined a lesson and behavior plans for my “class.” How fitting! My career aspirations began with working as a pediatrician (that was, until I saw blood) and jumped to journalism most recently (until the blessing of an eye-opening internship). But somewhere deep inside I think I always knew I would end up in front of the classroom – even if I didn’t always admit it to myself and others. I’m so thankful that I discovered Teach for America and feel blessed to be a part of their mission to end educational inequity.¬†As a teacher, I want to be a creator of change, a source of hope, and an enduring advocate for the children who might not be lucky enough to share the good fortune I received in the form of a top-notch education. Teach for America provides the opportunity, resources, and support to work toward this mission.

This is going to be a wonderful journey.